Our investments

Open Systems Engineering AB

GTI is a majority investor in Open Systems Engineering, who delivers industrial communication products via a webshop, An example of a current application is the control of ventilation in 24 buildings with a total of 260 apartments via radio modems. Open systems delivers over 1000 cost effective units per year to customers in Scandinavia.

More details on www.opensystems.se


Industrial Network Software AB

GTI is a majority investor in Industrial Network Software AB, who delivers software to production networks based on thin clients connected through Microsoft Remote Desktop software. The advantage with this approach is greatly reduced maintenance of the network and reduction of the number of IT people present in the production areas. This is important in clean environments, such as pharmaceutical and electronics production.

More on www.indnetsoft.com

What we do

Gillblad Technology Investment AB is a private Company, which develops products in new technology areas, mostly in the area of Industrial Automation and has also done some selective investments in other companies to support this strategy. GTI has cooperation with Lund University.

Contact us at: tgillblad[at]gillblad.se 

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